Mosa Meat is a cultured meat start-up based in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Our team, including Chief Scientific Officer Professor Mark Post, and Chief Operational Officer Peter Verstrate created the world's first cultured hamburger - that is, real meat grown directly from animal cells rather than raising and slaughtering an animal. Having proven the concept, we launched Mosa Meat (a spin-out from Maastricht University) to develop commercial products and introduce them to the market. Our mission and driving motivation is to revolutionise the way we produce meat so that we can satisfy soaring demand with meat products that are healthier, better for the environment and kinder to animals.

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Mosa Meat is proudly based at Brightlands, the innovation community that has fostered and supported our development from the very start. You can find out more about Mosa Meat at our Brightlands page, or discover how Prof. Post created cultured meat at Brightlands in their feature: The Power of Impossibility.




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Launch of the first cultured hamburger in London

Our CSO Mark Post addresses the World Economic Forum


Google’s Sergey Brin explains why he funded our first cultured meat

Why we need to change how we make meat


An introduction to Mosa Meat by Brightlands, the research community for open innovation in health and sustainability.

Animation showing the process of making cultured beef


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