Peter Verstrate

Chief Executive Officer

Peter is the food technician behind the world's first slaughter-free hamburger. He has worked in the processed meat industry for over 20 years in various senior positions ranging from R&D to QA to Operations. He brings a deep knowledge of the meat business developed at international food companies including Sara Lee, Ahold, Smithfield, Campofrio Food Group and Jack Links. He also served as Managing Director of Hulshof Protein Technologies, a leading producer of collagen proteins. Peter holds a Master's in Food Science from Wageningen University. He is passionate about the environment and food security, and highly driven to find a sustainable way to feed the world. Peter co-founded Mosa Meat and as CEO is focused on bringing the first commercial cultured meat products to market.


Mark Post

Chief Scientific Officer

Mark is the scientist behind the world’s first slaughter-free hamburger. His background is in medicine, where as a doctor and researcher he worked on tissue engineering for vascular grafts. He has served as Assistant Professor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Associate Professor of Medicine and Physiology at Dartmouth Medical School and Professor of Angiogenesis in Tissue Engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven. Since 2004 he has been Chair of Physiology at Maastricht University. Mark was introduced to cultured meat in 2006 when he joined a Dutch government-funded program investigating its potential. Excited by the huge benefits for society, Mark made it his mission to change the way meat is produced. He co-founded Mosa Meat at Brightlands, and as CSO is working on optimising our products, scaling up production, and bringing the cost down to supermarket levels as soon as possible.


Sarah Lucas

Head of Operations

Sarah is passionate about animal welfare and the environment, and is thrilled to be contributing to Mosa Meat’s mission of changing the way we make meat. Sarah founded Action for Dolphins (AFD), an international non-profit that uses strategic legal action to gain better protection for dolphins and whales. Under Sarah’s leadership, AFD took global legal action that shut down 50% of demand from the world’s largest dolphin hunts. Sarah is also a director of Lola ya Bonobo, the world’s only bonobo sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She previously worked in Communications at the International Finance Corporation in Paris and at the United Nations University in New York. Sarah has a Master’s in International Relations from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor of Commerce/Arts from Melbourne University. 


jonathan breemhaar

Team Leader, Automation Engineering

Jonathan is passionate about solving global challenges by innovative solutions. Following his studies in mechanical engineering, he worked with tech start-ups in diverse fields: developing bracelets to protect victims from sexual harassment (Invi), and creating robotic simulators to train medical students (Medical-X) and to provide surgeons with more intuitive tools (Surge-on). When Jonathan was confronted by the harsh impact of meat production on our planet, he decided to contribute to the realisation of cultured meat. He teamed up with Mosa Meat to automate the process of growing muscle tissue and graduated on that topic from the Technical University of Delft. As a mechanical engineer at Mosa Meat, Jonathan is focussed on developing a highly efficient, scalable production process to feed the world in a sustainable and animal-friendly way.


Tim van de Rijdt

Head of Business Development

Tim brings 16 years of experience in strategic marketing, product management, business development, sales and market research. While completing a Master’s in Marketing at the University of Twente in 2002, Tim joined a 100% self-funded Dutch market research start-up, which bootstrapped to successfully grow into a sustainable national player. In 2009 he swapped the canals of Amsterdam for the big tech world of Google, where he has held various positions. He currently leads Product Marketing for the Google Search Engine and the Google Assistant across Benelux and Scandinavia, and was previously responsible for driving Google’s revenue growth in the region through SMB advertiser acquisition. Tim is delighted to be working with Mosa Meat to bring cultured meat to plates everywhere.