An exciting new phase for Mosa Meat

We’re excited to announce that Mosa Meat is on the move, both into the next phase of our business development, and also into a new facility! 

The cultured meat market is growing fast and generating a lot of attention. At Mosa Meat we’ve been making great progress, and we’re well on our way to introducing the first scalable, animal-free hamburger made from pure cultured beef.

During the past year we’ve been focussed on research and development. We hired a team of 25 world-class scientists and engineers who have been working tirelessly on solving the remaining scientific challenges.

There’s still a lot of scientific work to do. But, looking forward, we’re really excited to enter a new stage of preparing for the introduction of commercial products, and selling them across the globe.

In order to support the Mosa Meat team with the skills, capabilities and leadership we need to fulfil our vision, we’re expanding our top team. We are really excited to announce that Maarten Bosch will be joining the Mosa team to act as CEO. This will allow Peter Verstrate, who as founding CEO has built Mosa Meat to where we are now, to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Peter can focus his extensive expertise in food technology on perhaps our most critical challenge – developing a scalable technology for high volume production. Prof Mark Post, as Chief Scientific Officer, will continue to lead R&D.

Maarten will focus on general management, commercial strategy and ensuring enough resources are available for the next phases. He brings commercial experience that will be invaluable to Mosa Meat as we enter the market and seek to reach large scale.  Previously, he grew Optelec to become the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of assistive technologies for the blind and visually impaired.

And it’s not only our team that’s getting bigger – we’re thrilled to also soon be moving to a new home! We’ve benefitted greatly from being based so far in laboratories at the University of Maastricht. But they’re now getting rather crowded! Our new purpose-built facility, which is only ten minutes down the road from the university, is huge and will give us the space we need to move up to the next scale of production. We want to express our huge thanks to the City of Maastricht for all their energetic assistance in finding the perfect new facility for us in Maastricht.

We’ll be posting a short video introduction with Maarten soon (so look out for that!), but in the meantime we want to warmly welcome him to the team. We are incredibly excited to have Maarten on board, and for the next chapter in our mission to revolutionise the way meat is made.

Sarah Lucas