Join us at the ProVeg New Food Conference in Berlin!


We’re really excited to be attending the New Food Conference on 21-22 March 2019 in Berlin, where our CSO Mark Post will be one of the speakers.

If you’d like meet us there, you can grab hold of some tickets here:

The event is being held by our friends at ProVeg, who are leading efforts to increase awareness and uptake of socially responsible, sustainable lifestyles.

This is the very first conference in Europe that focuses on both plant-based and cultured meat. The ProVeg New Food Conference will explore the areas of consumer acceptance, shaping the European market, and increasing media attention and public awareness of cultured meat.

There will also be the chance to do some lively networking and hold discussions with industry partners, including international stakeholders in the food industry as well as producers and experts in the retail and catering sectors.

If you’re interested in getting into cultured meat in Europe, then this is a great event to get to know people working in the space on this side of the pond.


Date: 21-22 March 2019

Place: Kalkscheune, Johannisstraße 2, 10117 Berlin

Organiser: ProVeg Deutschland e.V.

Language: English

Contact: Julia Aumüller and Katleen Haefele, ProVeg Deutschland e. V.

Tickets: 159 € to 359 €


Sarah Lucas